Our SCRIPTCAST Pro is powered by popular EzCast Pro software and offers a range of EzCast Pro conference features. Simply download the EzCast Pro app to your device and enjoy a variety of exciting Pro features…

*Please, note that the below features are provided by the EzCast Pro app and are available with all SCRIPTCAST Pro devices, with the exception of SCRIPTCAST Pro QuattroPod. QuattroPod does not use the EzCast Pro app but has built-in split screen, host control and touch-back features.

Host Control

The host can determine who presents to the screen, re-name the device and more


The EzBoard is a white board feature, allowing the presenter to draw and make notes


With AirView, delegates can see the main screen on their own devices


Allow delegates to take notes over the current slide using their own devices

Split Screen

The host can split the screen and allow up to 4 delegates to present simultaneously

Web Browser

EzCast Pro has a built-in web browser that delegates can use to access web pages


The presenter can access photos on their device and show them on the screen

Cloud Storage

Allow the presenter to access photos and videos from their Dropbox or Google Drive


The presenter can play videos from their own device on the main screen


The presenter can watch YouTube & Facebook videos or live TV Channels & other apps

Make meetings more efficient...

Allow the meeting host to control who presents to the main screen

SCRIPTCAST Pro’s innovative Host Control feature gives full power to the host! Make meetings run more efficiently and control who uses the main screen.

Maximise potential & productivity...

Delegates can see the main screen on their devices with AirView

The new host of conference features and tools provided by SCRIPTCAST Pro, improve efficiency and communication by allowing colleagues to share content to the screen or view the main screen on their own device.

Allow everyone to present wirelessly...

Up to 4 delegates can connect to the main screen simultaneously

Our SCRIPTCAST Pro is compatible with both AirPlay screen mirroring and Miracast without switching its configuration, ready for wireless screen mirroring from any smart device.

Display images from your device...

Delegates can show photos from their own devices to the main screen

This feature allows the presented to access photos/images stored on their device and show them on the main screen. The Photo feature is ideal for delegates that want to easily send images to the big screen, whether its site photos, schematics, statistics or personal photos.

Stream a range of Video & Live TV...

Watch YouTube & Facebook videos or live TV Channels and other apps

The EzChannel is packed with a range of video apps and live streamed content that you can choose from. Choose from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo videos, Live TV & Radio, Twitch streams & TED talks, as well as and a range of movies available on the EzCast Pro app.

Browse any website...

Delegates can browse the web via EzCast Pro built-in browser

The EzCast Pro app comes with a built-in web browser that delegates can use to open any web page on the big screen.