Frequently Asked Questions

New versions of the app usually bring to you new and improved software features. The EZCast App performs an update automatically when connected to your Wi-Fi network. That way it delivers the most up to date software to you. However, you can also download the software from our website here. Furthermore, your device will automatically update when connected to an internet connection.

We are here to help and support you at any time. Faulty products are covered by our 2 year guarantee from receipt of purchase. If you believe your product is faulty please e-mail with details of the fault and our customer care team will be in touch to handle the issue. Once we have confirmed that there is  a hardware fault, we issue an RMA number for you to return the product. In addition, on receipt of the faulty product we will provide you with a replacement within 7 days.

For Technical Support

We want you to be happy with your ScriptCast Pro and we are happy to help with any problems. Please e-mail with details of the issue and we will respond within one business day.

ScriptCast Pro offers a unique range of products to fit your requirements. Although it does require internet, it can work with both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, depending on which device you choose. If you cannot use hard wired internet, we would recommend that you go for the SCRIPTCAST Pro Dongle II – this device works perfectly when connected to the local Wi-Fi network.

Although we recommend the use of hard wired internet, it is possible to connect  your ScriptCast Pro Dongle II via Wi-Fi. Please, see the User Manuals to set up this feature.

Our UK based warehouse enables us to secure quick delivery to any location within the UK. Depending on the option you choose, delivery may take 3 to 5 working days for standard Royal Mail delivery or next day delivery with DPD. 

​QuattroPod is designed to make mobile screen sharing as easy as ever, no app required! It also has better video streaming capability and is designed to moderate meetings easily. Please, read full comparison here

The two solutions are not up for comparison.

Chromecast is an entertainment device for casting music or video, usually in home or bedroom environment. It mainly allows for casting mobile apps and Chrome browser, which is not very useful in a meeting environment.

SCRIPTCAST Pro is a B2B solution, specifically designed for use in meeting rooms, offices, conference rooms and educational classrooms. It is a much more powerful solution i incorporating a range of features, designed to help conduct meetings and improve meeting productivity. Besides quick and easy screen mirroring, SCRIPTCAST Pro comes with:

  • Split Screen: the screen can be split among up to 4 delegates, who can share screen simultaneously
  • EzBoard: digital white board where delegates can take notes
  • EzNote: each delegate can write notes on their individual device and save locally
  • AirView: ideal for large conference rooms – delegates can see the main presentation on their personal device
  • Cloud Storage: the presenter can access files from their Dropbox or Google Drive to show on the main screen
  • Photos/Music/Video: show any multimedia stored on your personal device on the big screen

It is possible to plug the SCRIPTCAST Pro Dongle II to the TV’s USB port for power but it is recommended to use external power supply. While the dongle works well when using the TV as power source, an external power plug will ensure the dongle gets sufficient power and improve performance. 

  • Hardware: The Pro Dongle II has new hardware design for improved performance
  • Improved streaming: The Pro Dongle II has 4K support for enhanced media streaming experience
  • Better Wi-Fi Connection: The Pro Dongle II has more stable WiFi performance with new 802.11ac 5G 2T2R Wi-Fi transceiver
  • Multi-screen casting: The Pro Dongle II is compatible with ProCast app to offer multi-screen content sharing form one device
  • Screen Sharing without an app: The Pro Dongle II allows you to mirror your screen using Apple or Android devices without needing the EzCast Pro app, wheras Pro Dongle I only allows for Apple screen mirroring without EzCast Pro app
  • User-friendly: The Pro Dongle II comes with a new home screen with clear instructions on how to connect and use your dongle II

Yes, our SCRIPTCAST Pro Dongle II and SCRIPTCAST Pro QuattroPod are both capable of 4K multimedia streaming, offering the ultimate streaming experience.