SCRIPTCAST Pro QuattroPod vs Barco ClickShare

As you browse the web for premium wireless presentation tools, you inevitably would have come across Barco ClickShare and QuattroPod, powered by EZCast Pro.

To help you speed up your research, we’ll share our knowledge in the strengths and weaknesses of each so you can stop worrying and get back to productive meetings.

Both ClickShare and QuattroPod are perfect for Wi-Fi presentations

Both ClickShare and QuattroPod are marketed as premium wireless presentation tools, and both excel in helping conference rooms reduce the need of HDMI cables to make presentations.

QuattroPod has an additional Ethernet port as fallback for conference settings with weak Wi-Fi networks, so presentations can still be shared across Ethernet network.

ClickShare is optimised for laptop screen sharing

ClickShare’s strength lies in the simplicity of screen sharing from laptops.

The “Button” is a Wi-Fi transmitter that requires only one USB cable to receive power and share content from one laptop. The single cable architecture makes it extremely easy to plug and play to a laptop and screen cast in minutes. Furthermore, you will be prompted to install the ClickShare application the first time you use the ClickShare Button. However, after the initial installation and setup, screen sharing is as easy as one click.

QuattroPod on the other hand, requires two cables on the transmitter button to work:

A) a USB cable for power

B) HDMI cable for screen sharing.

This way, using QuattroPod for laptops ensures that you do not need to install any additional applications or drivers to share, making it perfect for machines that do not have administrative privileges. While ClickShare works best with a laptop, its mobile compatibility is not so simple, as it requires additional Android and iPhone apps to discover the receiver on the Wi-Fi network before screen mirroring.

QuattroPod is designed to make mobile screen sharing as easy as ever, no app required

QuattroPod’s strength is in cross platform compatibility. This means that screen sharing for both laptops and mobile devices are as easy as plug and play. When you want to wirelessly present from your mobile phone, just plug the USB cable from your phone to the QuattroPod TX, USB type-B or type-C for Android phones, lightning for iPhone, then click to share.

This means any guest coming to the conference can make wireless presentations easily, without downloading additional apps. Regardless of which OS you are using, whether its Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, you can share screens the same way, just plug and share.

QuattroPod has better video streaming capability

With extensive experience in screen casting mobile gaming content with EZCast, QuattroPod has inherited the technological edge in video streaming and screen casting.

This means when you want to share videos in your wireless presentations, the results are smooth with synchronised audio and video. Whereas ClickShare is designed for static presentations only, any video presentation would seem choppy with out of sync audio.

QuattroPod is designed to moderate meetings easily

As you know, running any productive meeting requires the moderator to keep discussions on topic and useful. Therefore the QuattroPod contains one of the best moderating functions, Host Control, for supervising presentations and keeping the meeting progress smoothly.

On the other hand, not every model of the ClickShare line has moderation function. Only the most expensive products, CSE-800 can moderate meetings. For a system with one third the price of ClickShare CSE-800, QuattroPod has all the functions necessary for effective and productive meetings.

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