The arrival of SCRIPTCAST Pro

Welcome to SCRIPTCAST Pro!

SCRIPTCAST Pro is the new affordable technology aimed at businesses who want to meet, collaborate and present easily on TV’s and projectors…wirelessly!

SCRIPTCAST Pro is a unique set of product allowing for quick and easy screen sharing, ideal for meetings, conferences and educational presentations. SCRIPTCAST Pro is powered by the highly popular EzCast Pro, offering a range of conference features to enhance your experience, whether you have an important meeting or screen sharing at home. Furthermore, Our local SCRIPTCAST Pro warehouses and dedicated team is on hand to ensure on-going customer support and UK wide next day delivery for all of our customers.

Our screen sharing devices are specifically designed to enhance your meeting room experience and make presenting quick and easy! From sleek, portable devices for your dynamic business to powerful conference devices for sharing with one click, our exclusive range of products can fit any business.

Some of its amazing features include:

  • Split Screen Display – up to 4 different devices can be viewed on screen simultaneously
  • Air View – meeting participants can see the main screen on their own devices making it ideal for large meetings and conferences
  • Conference Control – allows the meeting Host to determine who can present to the main screen with capability of up to 4 presentations at the same time
  • Click & Mirror – via our SCRIPTCAST Pro Bundle and SCRIPTCAST Pro QuattroPod, just connect to your laptop, click the button and present instantly
  • Cloud Storage – access files stored in the cloud on Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox
  • 4K UHD Content – stream stunning 4K content to the main screen with our SCRIPTCAST Pro Soho Dongle II and SCRIPTCAST Pro QuattroPod

…and more…

In addition, ScriptCast is designed to proactively improve your conference/meeting experience by allowing you to quickly and easily cast your presentation to the big screen regardless of what device you are using. ScriptCast Pro also comes in a range of 3 different devices, with different capabilities to suit any size meeting room.

ScriptCast Pro Soho II

Perfect for small and home offices.

This highly portable, versatile device can be used on different TV and projector screens. It has an HDMI port allowing you to screen share on big screens. It integrates 802.11n 2T2R WiFi transceiver and the latest MHL 2.0 interface inside, which will bring you the best of both – WiFi performance and convenience. Get this great device for your educational or small meetings now.

ScriptCast Pro Enterprise

Perfect for use in large meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture theatres.

Bringing the most advanced wireless display features, the device has CVBS, HDMI and VGA ports and is normally located on a table with hard wired ethernet connection. ScriptCast Pro Enterperise is ideal for groups of over 10 attendees who may connect by 2.4GHz 802.11n, or 5GHz 802.11ac for best performance.

ScriptCast Pro Bundle

Designed for one-click wireless presenting of laptops and desktop computers

Our ScriptCast Pro Bundle Includes a ScriptCast Pro Enterprise device and four SCRIPTLauncher devices allowing you to share your screen with just one click.
SCRIPTLaunchers allow you to share your screen by just connecting the device to your laptop and clicking the SCRIPTLauncher button. This product is an add-on to the ScriptCast Pro Enterprise, offering a quick and efficient way of screen sharing from your laptop or PC.

ScriptCast Pro QuattroPod

Ideal for one-click share of Apple & Android phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers

Our ScriptCast QuattroPod system is the most innovative solution for conference rooms, enhancing collaboration by sharing screens wirelessly! QuattroPod is cross platform and fully compatible with Windows/Mac/Chromebooks and iOS/Android mobile phones and tablets. It also supports 4K resolution for the best visual experience.

So what are you waiting for? Improve your meeting and conference rooms with ScriptCast Pro!

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